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Our composers

Eric Aron

Eric Aron was born 1961 in Cannes, France. From conventional and self-taught studies, his musical activities have covered several areas... read the biography of Eric Aron
Albert Assayag

At first, Albert ASSAYAG worked with Michel PORTAL, Pierre SELLIN, MOLINETTI, Francois RABBATH, Maurice VANDER, Eddy LOUIS... read the biography of Albert Assayag
Yohann Bourdin

At age 6, He began studying Music Theory and Piano at Musical School of MEUDON. Entry in the CHORUS of RADIO FRANCE... read the biography of Yohann Bourdin
Philippe Bréjean

From a family of musicians, he began playing piano at age 5, and after obtaining his diploma in Piano, Music Theory and Harmony at age 14, he produces the Rock Group "THE BLACKERS" with André DEVERA. read the biography of Philippe Bréjean
Gilbert Dall'Anese

He studied music in the Music Academy of Bordeaux, where he won a first prize, and then to the National Music Academy of Paris he quickly reached the professional level. read the biography of Gilbert Dall' Anese
Marc Dall'Anese

Marc DALL' ANESE was born into a family of musicians originally from Venice (Italy). At the age of 5 years, he entered the Academy of Music, and studied for several years, Russian composers, German, Italian, Venetian and French. read the biography of Marc Dall' Anese
Philippe Falcao

Music arranged and produced for numerous leading French and International artists. read the biography of Philippe Falcao
Gérard Gésina

Born in Algiers, in a family of musicians, he began studying piano and percussion at the Academy of Music and then works drums with Dante AGOSTINI and Kenny CLARKE. read the biography of Gérard Gésina
Michael Larcange

Born in Paris into a family of artists, his eclectic musical work leads over the years to write music for... read the biography of Michael Larcange
Guy Léonard

He was a student of Mr. Maurice ZERMATI, himself student of Camille SAINT SAENS. Maurice ZERMATI was the famous conductor of Maurice CHEVALIER, Josephine BAKER and MISTINGUETT. read the biography of Guy Léonard
Nicolas Molio

Nicolas Molio is a french writer/composer/performer and producer born in Paris (France). Since he was 7 years old he was introduced to piano and grew a wide classical and jazz education. read the biography of Nicolas Molio
Fernando Paz

Fernando PAZ began his career in ARGENTINA, with the Pop Group "ALMA Y VIDA" and Jazz flutist Alejandro SANTOS and Bandonion player Dino SALUZZI. read the biography of Fernando Paz
Johny Rech

Early in his career, Johny RECH sang his songs in Paris: "PATACHOU" with Hugues AUFRAY... read the biography of Johny Rech
Jean-Marc Willaroza

Composer - Arranger - Author

read the biography of Jean-Marc Willaroza

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