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Eric Aron
Pianist, composer, improviser
Eric Aron was born 1961 in Cannes, France. From conventional and self-taught studies, his musical activities have covered several areas: piano performances, writing, orchestration, conducting, electro-acoustic music, computer assisted music, music for picture, and stage real time playing technologies.

Many trips abroad have contributed to various musical colors (particularly Asian music). His writing is also influenced by the many musical styles in which he is interested (classical, jazz, song, world, well being, electro dance, electro ambient). He is currently developing a new concept of realtime improvised stage music.

Eric Aron released about thirty cds since 1990, mostly in the field of music therapy (in collaboration with the International Centre for Music Therapy in Paris), and has written more than 500 musics for the image available in an international catalog of music used in 30 countries.
He composed symphonic and concertante works (three piano concertos, violin concerto, four symphonies, piano pieces), as well as arrangements and songwriting, music for shows and events (the last in Tokyo in December 2012), and collaboration with Ohira Takayuki, planetarium starball designer and builder.

To date, the implementation of planetarium shows concerts abroad (mainly in Japan), piano concerts in total improvisation, music for the image, and a new discography are the activities in which focuses Eric.

Background music, Soundtracks, Music documentary, Sound design, Jingle