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With HIBOU Music you can listen to and download high quality MP3 (192 Kbps or 320 Kbps) music in different categories and different timings: Jingles, Long and Xtralong versions, Minimalist and Soloist versions for your audiovisual productions, documentaries and movies...

The music produced by HIBOU Music is available for download on this siteand you can use it for your audiovisual productions ( TV - Radio - Films -Long & Short Films - Advertising - Media - Internet....).

However , we wish to remind that prior to any performance and / or reproduction of your audiovisual works containing musical works produced by HIBOU Music , you must be granted an authorization by:
- The Partners of HIBOU Music in your country
- And also by the Authors society of your country and , if necessary , you must pay performance rights and / or copyright to the said Authors society.

For commercial use, for TV, Radio , Advertising , Film , YouTube and for Online music, to use HIBOU MUSIC LIBRARY, you have to pay performance rights (royalties). You must give to our Partners in the World , the destination of the music you want to use and the duration of each music for your Invoice - Authorization. The rate is different for Radio or TV, or Film and Short Film, for Internet and YouTube... Commercial and non-Commercial Broadcast.

We also have partners around the world to assist you in your statements:

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The music is composed and performed by real professional musicians. With their biographies online you can better know and discover our composers.

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